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5 of the Top selling car brands in the GCC

In a region renowned for its luxury and wealth, the presence of high-end cars is given.

By Marie Habib
Mon, Feb 5, 2024 9:25amGrey Clock 4 min

The GCC, a region representative of prosperity and extravagance, is a prime marketplace for elite car manufacturers.

The prestigious automotive brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes-Benz thrive, alongside companies known for performance-focused vehicles, all meet the sophisticated demands of the region’s affluent residents. Therefore, this increase in luxury cars is a natural outcome in an area populated by a significant number of high-net-worth individuals.

Below is a list of five of the most popular car brands available in dominance in the GCC.


Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce, the essence of automotive luxury, holds a prestigious position in the Middle East, a region that appreciates the finer things in life. The brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, customization, and comfort aligns perfectly with the region’s elite.

In 2023, Rolls-Royce experienced a remarkable surge in demand in the Middle East and Africa, driven in part by the popularity of their services, which offer unparalleled levels of customization. Rolls-Royce’s success in the Middle East can be also attributed to its understanding of the region’s unique market dynamics and preferences. The brand’s focus on creating not just vehicles, but symbols of status and achievement, resonates deeply with Middle Eastern clientele.

Rolls-Royce cars are more than just modes of transportation; they are unique designs that reflect the personality and status of their owners, making them a perfect fit for a region known for its desire for individuality and excellence in luxury.



Bentley is a British luxury car brand, well-known and respected in the Middle East. Famous for making high-end luxury cars, Bentley has built a strong fan base in this area.

Bentley’s commitment to innovation is evident in their steps towards electrification and sustainable luxury. The introduction of hybrid models and the exploration of electric vehicle technology align with the region’s growing environmental consciousness and interest in sustainable luxury.

The brand’s ability to maintain a balance between its storied heritage and forward-thinking innovation continues to attract a clientele that values both tradition and evolution.

Bentley’s presence in the Middle East is not just about selling cars; it’s about upholding a legacy of luxury and performance that resonates with the high standards and aspirations of the region’s customers.



Audi, the German luxury vehicle manufacturer based in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, has emerged as a leading luxury car brand, particularly in the last seven years, where the company saw a global expansion.

The brand’s success in the Middle Eastern region is evident in its impressive sales figures for 2023. The Audi Q5 has been a significant contributor, accounting for 17% of the brand’s total regional sales.

The introduction of new models like the Audi Q8 E-Tron and the Audi Q6 E-Tron is expected to further boost Audi’s presence in the market. The Audi A8, known for its comfortable ride, spacious interior, and advanced driver-assistance features, is particularly favored by tech-savvy GCC customers.



BMW, a brand synonymous with luxury and innovation, established its foothold in the Middle East by opening an office in Dubai in 1994. This strategic move not only marked BMW’s commitment to the region but also catered to a clientele that values both luxury and performance.

The BMW 7 Series, a flagship model, caters to those who seek an exclusive driving experience. Additionally, the BMW X series, especially the X5 and X6, has been well-received in the region, known for its blend of luxury, versatility, and off-road capability.

BMW’s commitment to advanced technology is also evident in their i Series, particularly the BMW i8, a plug-in hybrid sports car that has gained popularity for its futuristic design and eco-friendly technology.

BMW’s presence in the Middle East is a testament to its adaptability and understanding of a market that values luxury, performance, and technological advancement.



Mercedes-Benz, a pioneering force in the automotive industry, has a well-established presence in the Middle East. It is renowned for creating a range of high-quality vehicles, from luxury sedans to high-performance sports cars and durable SUVs.

Models like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, particularly the G63, have become symbols of status and power, appreciated for their robust design and off-road competence. The S-Class, known as the flagship luxury sedan, continues to be a favorite for its comfort, technology, and design.

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated through their advancements in electric vehicle technology, particularly with models like the EQC, which is Mercedes-Benz’s first fully electric SUV.

Mercedes-Benz’s enduring popularity in the Middle East reflects its ability to combine luxury, performance, and technological innovation in a way that resonates with the region’s distinguished clientele.


Chris Dixon, a partner who led the charge, says he has a ‘very long-term horizon’

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Chris Dixon, a partner who led the charge, says he has a ‘very long-term horizon’

Americans now think they need at least $1.25 million for retirement, a 20% increase from a year ago, according to a survey by Northwestern Mutual

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