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In an era where the media landscape is continually evolving, three media experts with a rich history in global markets decided to start a groundbreaking initiative in the Middle East. Marwan Rahme, Rony Chiha, and Jihad Geagea, merged their 25 years of diverse experience across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the UK, and decided to channel their expertise into a venture that bridges the East with the West. This initiative, they’ve started in commercial partnership with Dow Jones, publishers of The Wall Street Journal, Mansions Global, Barron’s and PENTA, has resulted in the launch of Kanebridge ME Quarterly and Kanebridgenewsme.com, set to reenforce the concept of specialized media in the Middle East.

The journey of the three founders is as rich as it is diverse. Having established a strong footprint in the international markets with the success of Kanebridge media, the publishing company behind Kanebridge Quarterly and Robb Report ANZ magazines, they decided to go back to their roots and turned their sights to the Middle East. Their aim is not just to replicate their prior successes but to innovate and tailor their approach to a new audience.

Kanebridge ME Quarterly is a result of their vision, and its mission is to dig deep into the trends of the property, finance, and lifestyle sectors, offering a blend of professional guidance and personal investment insights that adhere to world-class standards. It is designed to cater to aspirational readers and investors on a global scale, offering a unique perspective that combines the best of both Eastern and global media landscapes.

What sets Kanebridge ME Quarterly apart is its dual focus. As it provides, in commercial partnership with Dow Jones, publishers of The Wall Street Journal, Mansions Global, Barron’s and PENTA, extensive regional content that resonates with its Middle Eastern audience, and features critical insights from international markets. This approach ensures that the publication is not only relevant but also essential for understanding the dynamics that impact the MENA region’s business landscape.

Complementing the magazine is Kanebridgenewsme.com, an online platform that serves as a daily source of news and updates on the regional and international property, finance, and lifestyle sectors. This website is the go-to reference for investors and professionals interested in the Middle Eastern market. Its content is constantly updated to keep pace with the region’s rapid growth, offering readers a comprehensive and timely overview of the latest developments.

Behind Kanebridge ME is a team of dedicated professionals. These individuals are committed to excellence, striving to provide comprehensive, clear, and thorough insights into the Middle Eastern markets. Their dedication is evident in every article and report, ensuring that both platforms cater to investors and readers who value informative and detailed information.


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